Making playlists

Sometimes making a playlist is easy. But sometimes you need to become a detective! In this lesson we’ll give you some tips on how to find the right music for someone when they can’t tell you themselves. That means knowing about the Memory Bump and about Inheritance Tracks – crucial clues every music detective needs!  

Whether you are making playlists for people at your Help Point or just sharing resources, these are useful skills for you to use or share with the people you are supporting.  

Your turn

Watch the next video. Mary McDougall from Playlist for Life describes the three types of songs you should look for. 

The key things to remember about becoming a Music Detective are the three main types of music to look for. 

Your turn

Click on each of the areas below for a reminder. 

Resources to help you become a Music Detective

Create a playlist

Get Started leaflet PDF
Discover the benefits of personalised playlists and how to connect through music.

Conversation starters PDF (interactive digital version)
Prompts to start building your
personalised playlist

Soundtrack of your life booklet PDF (interactive digital version)
The perfect tool to get started with a playlist

Print at home version PDF
For best results: print double-sided and flip on short edge.

Personal music journal PDF (interactive digital version)
With lots of space to write down your tunes and memories

Print at home version PDF

Help finding tunes

100 Years Book
The top UK songs from 1915–2015 

Our Spotify playlists
Our library of playlists by genre, decade, location, hobbies, etc.

Playlist maker
A handy tool to help you make a Spotify playlist.

BBC Music Memories
Find music, TV & radio theme tunes

Case study

Garden of Music

Watch the short video below to hear how Gary from Garden of Music helps people in his community to  build their own personalised playlist.