3. Making and using playlists

Making and Using Playlists

To create a personalised playlist, we need to find the tunes that are special to us and get them all in one place. A personalised playlist can be short or long. It can be written on a piece of paper. It can be recorded onto a mix tape or made on a computer with a programme like Spotify or iTunes. 

In this lesson we will break making a playlist down into three topics:

  • Finding the right music for a playlist
  • Listening to the playlist
  • Making the most of the playlist

Whether you are making playlists for people at your Help Point or just sharing resources, these are useful skills for you to use or share with the people you are supporting.

Once you have completed each of the three topics below you can move on to the next lesson

3.1 Making playlists

How to track down the right songs

3.2 Listening to your playlist

Helpful tips on technology and ways to listen

3.3 Playlists in practice

Advice on getting the most out of playlists