Playlists in practice

So you’ve made a playlist – well done!

Now it’s time to start using it. There are so many ways to use a playlist to help some one live well with dementia and to help family carers support them. This is useful information for you to share with the people you support so that they can make the most out of their playlist at home.

Your turn

Start by watching the video below where we introduce five ways you can use a playlist. These might be useful tips for your Help Point, or to pass on to family members and carers.

Your turn

Think of some songs or pieces of music that feature on your personalised playlist. If you're a Twitter user, tweet us @PlaylistforLife and let us know!

Case study

Each person will use their playlist in a way that helps them the most. Following her dementia diagnosis, Rana’s mum, Kusum, struggled going to sleep. To help, Rana crafted a playlist of personally meaningful music that made her feel calm and safe, aiding her sleep. Hear Rana speak about the power of their playlist below