2. Running your Help Point

Each Help Point will have a different way of supporting their community.

We provide you with a range of free resources and guidance, but encourage each Help Point to develop your service to meet the needs of your own community and to be led by the wishes of the families living with dementia you work with.

For some Help Points this will be displaying and sharing our resources, while others may want to make playlists for their service users or incorporate music into their existing activities.  


Watch the short video below for a fun introduction to Help Points, and to hear from existing Help Points

Your turn

Think about how you want to introduce Playlist for Life at your Help Point

  • Who is going to be involved? 
  • What do you have capacity to do? 
  • Who do you want to help? 

Ways you could help

Sharing resources

  • Display in your venue 
  • Include in mail outs or home delivery services 
  • Signpost to them on your website 
  • Include in activity packs 

What's in your free resource pack?

These resources are also available in 11 different languages

Supporting individuals

  • Enable or support people to make their playlist, involve volunteers to help 
  • Share resources and advice with specific individuals, families and carers  you think will benefit   
  • Use conversation starters and music as a befriending tool / getting to know people 

Group work

Inspiration from other Help Points

Conversation starters

Hear how one community arts organisation uses our Conversation Starters in group settings.

Soundtrack of your life

Carole tells us how using the Soundtrack of Your Life workbook helps participants to engage and have fun.